Full Padded Deluxe

Full Padded Deluxe

A horse stock is a must for all horse owners. A stock allows safe and easy access to any horse that requires home treatment or veterinary attention. The design of the stock ensures the complete protection of both the handler and the vet while the horse is being treated. A quality well designed stock will pay dividends not only in terms of convenience, peace of mind and the quality of workmanship able to be performed. The safety aspect cannot be over emphasized.

Routine practices can be done quickly and efficiently. These include drenching, castration, vaccinations, dentistry, pregnancy testing and ultrasound scans. A crush (stock) will facilitate day to day care like clipping and washing.

Features of our full padded delux stock include:

  • Fully upholstered internally for maximum comfort for the animal
  • Side door is hinged from the front and when opened with the back door allows for easier loading of the animal
  • Sturdy construction using heavy duty steelwork, fully galvanised for long lifespan
  • V-profile rear door to facilitate scanning

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